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Cost and requirements of the loan

Cost of the loan

Cost of the loan

Normally the loan have a price, like any product or service, and are presented under the form of the ‘interest rates’, normally governed, like any financial company, here are some examples of the interest or commissions that charges for its fast loan services:

  • Example 1: Credit of 300 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interests: 90 euros
    • Total to be returned: 390 EUR
  • Example 2: Credit of 600 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: 180 EUR
    • Total to be returned: 780 EUR
  • Example 3: Credit of 800 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: 240 EUR
    • Total to be returned: 1.040 EUR
  • Example 4: Credit of 1000 euros for clients
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: EUR 300
    • Total to be returned: 1,300 EUR

How to request your loan

The process to request a loan is very simple, and has facilitated it even more with technology that obtains information automatically from your bank, your profiles in social networks and others, being able to do the process based on clicks only.

Here we will tell you the ‘handmade’ way of doing it, typing all the data, but also how you can save them. The process is brief, and you will not be asked for complicated information, or different from the one contained in the documents and requirements that we discussed earlier.

Read this guide carefully in case you need any information that you do not know or do not have at hand, it is good to have everything accessible at the time of the request and avoid that the page, for security, close your session and you must start the whole process again .

1.- Establish the quantities

The first thing you see when you enter the page are two large bars, which represent the money you request, and the term you require to return the money.

This first step is as simple as setting the quantities, the ones you need. And click on the request button.

2.- Create your account 

It is the turn of creating your account within , it is the site where you will see your file: current loans, new requests, delivery of documentation, request of help to the technical support of , etc.

You have two ways to do it. The first is to give permission for your data to be extracted from your Facebook profile or from your Google account.

The second is to write your full name, email, and your password.

Next, you must type your mobile number, click on the “Send your PIN to your phone” button.

You will receive a code via SMS , one-time and exclusive for you, which you must copy in the next box below, accept the conditions and click on the “continue” button.

If there is any error, you will be notified, otherwise the following screen will be loaded.

3.- Confirm your identity

In order not to ask for your ID or NIE, they request that information from your bank, since your identity and legality have already been shown to the bank, they can also see if there is a regular income or not.

We insist, they do not access your history or activity within your account.

In this way, and without any paperwork, you can confirm your identity and at the same time you provide the bank details required for your application.

In this bank account the money you request from will be deposited when your application is approved.

4.- Wait

If everything goes well, as it surely will be, since the rate of loans approved is high , in a period not exceeding fifteen minutes, you will get the answer to your request , thanks to the technology that the company has created to analyze the requests quickly.

Depending on your bank, the money can take up to 48 hours to be visible on your statement ; something very useful to know if your urgency is immediate. Check which bank uses so that you can streamline everything, and that the money is reflected immediately in your account, which would be ideal given the objective of this product.



1500 euro loan without interest

Loans of up to 1500 euros without interest

Loans of up to 1500 euros without interest

With the name chosen for the portal, it is not possible to hold doubts: Up to 1500 searches for its users loans that can reach a maximum of 1500 euros without interest , considering all its suppliers.

Each provider has its own evaluation mechanisms and its own policies. Therefore, the approval or refusal to grant the credit does not depend on Until1500 but on each one of those service providers. The form created covers all the aspects requested by them.

The selection process occurs immediately, and in a few minutes the information is passed on to the applicant. Of course, to the extent that the user is able to demonstrate higher revenues and payment capabilities, the greater the possibility that their credit will be approved.

What kind of credits can I ask for?

Through Up to 1500 you can obtain any type of microcredit , regardless of the conditions of the applicant. For example, it is possible to obtain small loans without having fixed payroll income and, moreover, being on delinquent accounts , a mechanism that traditional banking uses to protect itself by preventing access to financing for many people who once had a disagreement with any utility company.

Another noteworthy feature is that loans without collateral can be requested, since these loans do not require collateral.

Suppliers have different policies to accept their clients and to approve credits, but these add up to more than 20, so when a provider is not viable due to the conditions of the applicant, it is very possible that someone else works with those conditions described in the formula.

There will be no annoying questions about the destination of the money , since the amounts granted are designed to solve specific problems and not for long-term financing. If the objective is to reach the end of the month, it is a perfect solution since in a short time you can return the credit.

In any case, the maximum term of payment and, in general, the conditions of the credit will be determined by the supplier and never by Hasta1500, which only participates as an intermediary between the entities and the client. The entity that hands over the loan will contact the client to carry out the formalities of the service.