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Immediate loans without endorsement

How to apply for loans?

How to apply for loans?

When applying for this type of microcredit , the steps are so simple that you will really be surprised at how quickly you will have the money in your bank account. The first thing to do is to enter the page that the entity has at your service and there you will find a credit simulator that will help you choose the amount and time in which you want to deliver the money. Once you have chosen these two options, the next step is to see if you can deal with that amount with the interests that are going to be generated.

Once you have all the correct data, the next one is to send the request to the entity so they can verify all your data. The company may contact you to request some extra information or it may be more than enough with the first ones you send. If for more than 15 minutes, the entity puts you “processing” on your application, it is likely that you have to send some extra documents that the entity will ask you by email.

Request the credit, does not force you to have to accept it. You can ask for all the data and even the company can send you the contract but until you decide to sign it, you do not have any kind of responsibility with this credit.

Sending the request at this point is only informative

Now, the platform is going to ask you to identify yourself. Identification can be done in two ways, the first is to do it by means of a tool called instator. You can request this tool in your bank account and it is done completely confidential . Here, you will verify the data of the person who has the account and you can see if it is a solvent person or on the contrary has pending accounts. This type of method is one of the most used, since the company does not have to do a study to the client because with the instator all the debts that he has if he had them come out. On the other hand, this makes the granting of credit much faster.

Another way to do it is completely manual. Here, what you will have to do is send an email with all the documentation you need completely scanned.

The documentation you will need is a photocopy of your ID and bank card number.

After the company does the verification, you can receive the money at any time, but it is normal to receive it a minute after accepting the credit through your signature.

For the company to indicate if you have obtained the credit or not, you have two types of messages, one that will arrive by SMS and another that will arrive by email and through which they will tell you that the money has already been transferred to your account and that you can use it for what you need. You can start using the money from the first moment it reaches your account without giving explanations of any kind.

Immediate loans are ready to be ordered without any collateral. These unsecured credits can be obtained without having to leave your car or your house or account and also ask your friends or family to put their signature to endorse you. These credits are 100% free of guarantee.

Advantages of loans online

Advantages of loans online

Almost all the clients that have requested credits in the entity coincide in the same things. One of the main ones is that you can get credits of up to 800 euros without problems in less than 15 minutes , which saves many families in case an unexpected expense reaches the entity.

In addition, the fact that they do not need to move from home to have the credit in their hands, is something that encourages many people to carry out the request, since only 15 minutes of their time is what they will occupy to enjoy said credit. .

This type of unsecured loans are also very necessary in case you do not have a payroll or a stable job , because even with a pension you can carry out the payments month by month. The only thing you need to prove is periodic income.

For the return of this credit, the customers are very grateful that the entity is the one that deals with the payments in full, since they are the ones that pass the collection on your own . This means that you do not miss the day of payment and have to pay a plus for late payment.



Know about your loan – we answer directly


Requirements to apply for a loan

In this platform, you only have to be of legal age and show through your account income that you have one money entry every month . If the platform does not accept your request quickly, it may be because they need some extra document that will be sent to you so that you send it scanned to the entity during office hours .

How long will it take me to know my answer

How long will it take me to know my answer

This type of credits is really quick to contact and can be known in 10 or 15 minutes after having sent it . You can receive the answer through a phone call or through an SMS depending on the method you have chosen.

How credit is requested in the correct way

To be able to ask for this credit, the first thing you have to do is register on the platform. You can do this from the official page in the request option. Then, you must choose the credit that is between 100 euros and 3000 euros . The platform must approve your request and if it is suitable, the money will be deposited into the account you have put in your register so that you can use your money for whatever you want.

They already accepted my credit but I still do not receive the money, what happens?

Once your application is approved, the money could be in your account at any time.

Depending on the bank you are in, it may take 24 to 48 hours but it is not normal. The next working day at 8 am the money is usually transferred if it is not done automatically.

Loans in installments

If on the contrary what you are looking for is a type of installment loans the means to get it is also the same as the previous one. It can be achieved with great flexibility and is ideal for paying bills that we did not expect or making small purchases.

What are the payment options

At the time of returning the money to the entity, you can do so through the service area at any time. This can be done through a bank transfer from your account to the account.

You can also pay by means of the debit card or you can make a payment by paypal without problem .

Another option is to make the payment by means of a telephone number. It can also be carried out by means of a bank transfer.
If you are going to make the payment through the transfer, you should never forget to put your customer number and the concept of credit payment . If you forget to put your customer number in “concept” , the company will not be able to recognize the payment as your own, which can lead to delay costs being generated if you had never paid the loan .

If you need to have a little more time to pay your credit. The ideal is to call the entity so that they are the ones who can give you a solution to this problem.

The non-payment of this type of credits, can cause delay or any other type of extra commission that will increase your credit much more.

If you are looking for a good flexible loan online with the best advantages and almost no requirement, is the platform you are looking for. Ask for a credit and receive the money in less than 15 minutes in the bank account that you have left in the entity.



Cost and requirements of the loan

Cost of the loan

Cost of the loan

Normally the loan have a price, like any product or service, and are presented under the form of the ‘interest rates’, normally governed, like any financial company, here are some examples of the interest or commissions that charges for its fast loan services:

  • Example 1: Credit of 300 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interests: 90 euros
    • Total to be returned: 390 EUR
  • Example 2: Credit of 600 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: 180 EUR
    • Total to be returned: 780 EUR
  • Example 3: Credit of 800 euros
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: 240 EUR
    • Total to be returned: 1.040 EUR
  • Example 4: Credit of 1000 euros for clients
    • Return period: 30 days
    • Interest: EUR 300
    • Total to be returned: 1,300 EUR

How to request your loan

The process to request a loan is very simple, and has facilitated it even more with technology that obtains information automatically from your bank, your profiles in social networks and others, being able to do the process based on clicks only.

Here we will tell you the ‘handmade’ way of doing it, typing all the data, but also how you can save them. The process is brief, and you will not be asked for complicated information, or different from the one contained in the documents and requirements that we discussed earlier.

Read this guide carefully in case you need any information that you do not know or do not have at hand, it is good to have everything accessible at the time of the request and avoid that the page, for security, close your session and you must start the whole process again .

1.- Establish the quantities

The first thing you see when you enter the page are two large bars, which represent the money you request, and the term you require to return the money.

This first step is as simple as setting the quantities, the ones you need. And click on the request button.

2.- Create your account 

It is the turn of creating your account within , it is the site where you will see your file: current loans, new requests, delivery of documentation, request of help to the technical support of , etc.

You have two ways to do it. The first is to give permission for your data to be extracted from your Facebook profile or from your Google account.

The second is to write your full name, email, and your password.

Next, you must type your mobile number, click on the “Send your PIN to your phone” button.

You will receive a code via SMS , one-time and exclusive for you, which you must copy in the next box below, accept the conditions and click on the “continue” button.

If there is any error, you will be notified, otherwise the following screen will be loaded.

3.- Confirm your identity

In order not to ask for your ID or NIE, they request that information from your bank, since your identity and legality have already been shown to the bank, they can also see if there is a regular income or not.

We insist, they do not access your history or activity within your account.

In this way, and without any paperwork, you can confirm your identity and at the same time you provide the bank details required for your application.

In this bank account the money you request from will be deposited when your application is approved.

4.- Wait

If everything goes well, as it surely will be, since the rate of loans approved is high , in a period not exceeding fifteen minutes, you will get the answer to your request , thanks to the technology that the company has created to analyze the requests quickly.

Depending on your bank, the money can take up to 48 hours to be visible on your statement ; something very useful to know if your urgency is immediate. Check which bank uses so that you can streamline everything, and that the money is reflected immediately in your account, which would be ideal given the objective of this product.



1500 euro loan without interest

Loans of up to 1500 euros without interest

Loans of up to 1500 euros without interest

With the name chosen for the portal, it is not possible to hold doubts: Up to 1500 searches for its users loans that can reach a maximum of 1500 euros without interest , considering all its suppliers.

Each provider has its own evaluation mechanisms and its own policies. Therefore, the approval or refusal to grant the credit does not depend on Until1500 but on each one of those service providers. The form created covers all the aspects requested by them.

The selection process occurs immediately, and in a few minutes the information is passed on to the applicant. Of course, to the extent that the user is able to demonstrate higher revenues and payment capabilities, the greater the possibility that their credit will be approved.

What kind of credits can I ask for?

Through Up to 1500 you can obtain any type of microcredit , regardless of the conditions of the applicant. For example, it is possible to obtain small loans without having fixed payroll income and, moreover, being on delinquent accounts , a mechanism that traditional banking uses to protect itself by preventing access to financing for many people who once had a disagreement with any utility company.

Another noteworthy feature is that loans without collateral can be requested, since these loans do not require collateral.

Suppliers have different policies to accept their clients and to approve credits, but these add up to more than 20, so when a provider is not viable due to the conditions of the applicant, it is very possible that someone else works with those conditions described in the formula.

There will be no annoying questions about the destination of the money , since the amounts granted are designed to solve specific problems and not for long-term financing. If the objective is to reach the end of the month, it is a perfect solution since in a short time you can return the credit.

In any case, the maximum term of payment and, in general, the conditions of the credit will be determined by the supplier and never by Hasta1500, which only participates as an intermediary between the entities and the client. The entity that hands over the loan will contact the client to carry out the formalities of the service.



Examples of interest rate of loans

Requirements to apply for your personal loan

Offers you a number of requirements which is very attractive and easy to get a loan, making it very easy to use. The requirements that are asked in are:

  1. Be between 21 and 65 years old
  2. Have legal residence in Spain (DNI or NIE)
  3. Have a bank account in your name
  4. Not be in unemployment situation
  5. Not be included in delinquency files

As you can see the requirements that are asked are only essential to get a loan, these being obviously so that has the assurance that you can commit to cover the fee of your loan and you will not get into trouble. But only these essential requirements, nothing more and nothing less.

In addition you will be asked for some documents such as:

  • A proof of bank income for the last two months
  • The last two payrolls
  • If you scan your DNI / NIE with Netverify , you can verify your identity more quickly and safely. If you can not use Netverify you can upload a file with all your documentation during the application process

After completing all the requirements in 15 minutes you can have the money in your account. That’s how fast, that simple.

Interest rates on products

Interest rates on products

If what worries you most is the money you need to pay after receiving your loan, after all when you ask for any loan the interest rate is something you can not avoid, since the cost you must pay for the time in which You were given the loan.

This is a very good thing, since you will not have to pay too much for a very minimal loan that could be your request.

We will then use the simulator with some different examples of loans , so that you can get an idea of ​​how it works and the different interest rates that are handled.

  • Example No.1: Credit of 1000 euros

Term: 6 months

Monthly payment: 239 euros

Interest: 397.53 euros

Nominal interest: 125.89%

Equivalent Annual Rate (APR): 231.1%

Total, to be returned: 1397.53 euros

  • Example No.2: € 500 credit

Term: 3 months

Monthly payment: € 211

Interest: € 118.61

Nominal interest: 137.37%

Annual Equivalent Rate (APR): 267.3%

Total, to be returned: € 618.61

  • Example No.3: Credit of € 2,500

Term: 12 months

Monthly payment: € 320

Interest: € 1250.8

Nominal interest: 82.43%

Annual Equivalent Rate (APR): 122.1%

Total, to be returned: € 3750.8

  • Example No.4: Credit of € 2000

Term: 6 months

Monthly payment: € 480

Interest: € 747.89

Nominal interest: 118.9%

Annual Equivalent Rate (APR): 210.7%

Total, to be returned: € 2747.89

  • Example No.5: Credit of 3000 €

Term: 12 months

Monthly payment: € 373

Interest: € 1439.93

Nominal interest: 79.38%

Equivalent Annual Rate (APR): 115.7%

Total, to be returned: € 4439.93

  • Example No.6: Credit of € 3000

Term: 6 months

Monthly payment: € 733

Interest: € 1044.01

Nominal interest: 111.15%

Annual Equivalent Rate (APR): 189.5%

Total, to be returned: € 4044.01

As you can see, the interests are usually not too high , and these vary greatly depending on the loan terms and amount . Interest increases the longer the term to pay, it makes sense that the amount of interest depends on the time it takes to fully repay the loan. So you have a wide variety of options and ways to customize your loan depending on your needs and in what way you want to pay the monthly installments. The interests will be different in each case to generate a better customer experience, in which you will not be charged more, nor less for the service.



Free Consolidation Whenever Possible

The different options under consideration and the proposals aimed at making the consolidation of the graduation years free for pension purposes.

Consolidation undergraduate degree: Pros and Cons

January 21, 2019 The current measure of contributory peace comes after years of debate on the possibility of allowing university students, workers and professionals to redeem their study years for free .

The consolidation of the years spent to obtain the degree (those in progress) allows these periods to be used for pension purposes. Today, however, the option has a cost , often very expensive, provided by Legislative Decree No. 184 of 1997 (only in some cases it is possible to proceed with the consolidation of subsidized degree ), and even the subsidized forms provide for an outlay (about 5 thousand euro to annuities).

Free consolidation of the degree

Free consolidation of the degree

The original idea was instead to give a kind of contributory value to the years of study (those used for the purpose of obtaining the title) but without payments , provided that they fall within specific requirements . The popular initiative stems from the awareness that the world of work has changed and, in addition to being characterized by an extreme discontinuity of professional careers , often puts in difficulty even those who have studied for years to acquire a university degree and professionalism. A world of work over which the specter of precariousness and unemployment looms and in which retirement is increasingly seen by young people as a mirage .

Free consolidation for the deserving ones

Degree consolidation: INPS alarm

February 13, 2019 One of the hypotheses that have been advanced is that instead aimed at guaranteeing the free consolidation of the degree to the deserving , (thus facilitating access to the pension based on merit ), reserving it to those born between 1980 and 2000 that complete the path of studies within the expected duration. A rule that, however, would be discriminatory for those born before 1980, as well as not economically sustainable . To overcome both problems, one could think of restricting the audience of those interested in new registered students.

Free consolidation or discount on years

Free consolidation or discount on years

The State , according to Bocola, should bear the burden of paying the consolidation of the degree, since during these years the students have already paid out sums of money to pay the university fees. If this is not possible, Bocola proposes to include in the calculation of the remaining years for the achievement of the retirement age the years of the consolidation of the free degree.

Summarizing the proposal, which specifically regards the school sector , provides two paths:

  • consolidation of the free degree to be included in the calculation of contributions for pension purposes;
  • 4-year rebate for the purposes of reaching the contribution years for access to retirement benefits.

Discounted degree consolidation

Discounted degree consolidation

Last summer, a bill was presented in the Labor Commission in the Chamber whose first signer is Honorable Salvatore Deidda (FdI), which would provide three different facilitated measures for the consolidation of the degree:

  • born after 1980 with an annual taxable amount lower than 15,000 euros: free consolidation of the first year of the study course, consolidation of the following years with a contribution equal to that expected for the unemployed;
  • born before 1980 : contribution equal to that foreseen for the unemployed or calculated on the basis of current income;
  • new matriculation : annual payment, together with university fees, of an advance payment of 50% of the contribution established for the unemployed.

Contributionary peace and pension consolidation

11 January 2019 In the Budget Law 2019 a rule has been inserted that follows this line of thought – contained in the Pension Reform Decree – according to which it is possible to redeem the degree by paying a discounted amount (but the redeemed periods do not contribute to the calculation of the allowance ).

The option is reserved for those who have a maximum of 45 years and provides for the possibility of carrying out the operation with the same rules as those who are still unoccupied. In practice, the social security rate pertaining to the minimum taxable amount provided for by INPS management craftsmen and traders, which is equal to € 15,710 in 2018, is compared to the remuneration of the last 12 months (as for the normal graduation consolidation transaction).

In practice, you pay a ransom charge of around 5,241 euros for each year of degree. To be specified then that, since you can not be more than 45 years old, the consolidation of the subsidized degree can not be used for the quota 100 (which requires at least 62 years of age). In addition, it is only possible to redeem periods after 31 December 1995 (to which the contributory calculation applies). For the rest, the same rules as in the law on graduation consolidation apply (184/1997, article 2), for which you can not, for example, redeem periods during which other social security contributions have been paid (the periods to be redeemed do not have to coincide.)